Thursday, March 2, 2017

Saturday February 25, 2017

Doyle and I participated in a city-wide prayer walk. We had about 40-50 people there. A great turn out. We were taken anywhere from 1.5 to 3 miles out to the edges of the city, North, South, East and West and prayer walked back to were we met. It was perfect weather.

Doyle and I chose the shortest route because Kennedy had a volleyball game later that afternoon that I wanted to attend.

Keannon is coaching Kennedy's volleyball team. He has recently gotten another job as insurance adjusting is just not busy enough for him right now so Vanessa maybe coaching the girls some.

There will be more opportunities for pictures I am very confident! Baseball season has also begun. Kennedy is playing softball and Kashton is playing t-ball this year.

I didn't take any pictures this time. It was their first game of the season. They did really well so I wish I had taken some but I was preoccupied with this little doll who was keeping her mother and I both on our toes!

She is styling with her mom's sunglasses.

Silly girl!

Have a good one!


  1. I would have taken the shorter walk because I might not have made the longer one. LOL She is a cutie that's for sure!