Friday, March 31, 2017

Posse Trail Ride 3-25-17

Saturday March 25th Doyle and I went on a trail ride with the Palo Pinto Sheriff's Posse. We rode on the ranch that I rode last year as a benefit. It is called Holt River Ranch. In fact I rode part of the trail ride last year with the owner Dr. Glenn Rogers. He was not on this ride as His mother had passed away two days before. The Posse  offered to cancel the ride but the family insisted we enjoy their ranch. We were all very appreciative!

We gathered up for instructions and prayer before we start.

There were about 35 for this ride. A big group for a Posse ride.

Rock creek bed.

This guy's wife attends church with me and occasionally I feed their horses when they are out of town.

A beautiful view of the Brazos River.

Not a glamorous picture of me. I knew Doyle was taking a picture but I didn't know I was in it or I would have smiled. I look like a real grump!

His is a better picture of the river.

It was real pretty through this part.

We took a break. I'm not sure who was more glad, us or the horses 😉.

Here we are on the "cliff" side of the Brazos River. Just in front of Fancy's ear you can see a cross. Dr. Glenn Rogers son, Holt age 6 was killed riding his bicycle and the cross was built in honor of him.

It was not a good time of day to take pictures here as the sun is behind us. We definitely didn't want to be any closer to the cross....I'll show you in the next picture why!

This is the view of the cross from below. You may have to click on the picture to see it. Doyle took this one. The pictures really don't do the scenery justice.

This makes me think of the days when people traveled this one across the country side. Open plains.

Our beverage cart 😉.

Back to where we started. We had a wonderful meal of some "melt-in-your-mouth" brisket, tater salad and cowboy beans. Ummm good!

It was a great ride but Doyle and I were both beat by the time we got home!

Have a good one!


  1. Looks like you had wonderful weather for a great ride! Love the photos!

    1. Thanks Sandy! It was a beautiful day!