Tuesday, February 21, 2017

More Like Summer 2-11-2017

My former riding buddy that I reconnected with wanted to try to ride again on Saturday. She wanted to take full advantage of the nice days we were having but Saturday really wasn't pleasant by afternoon when we were able to ride. We experienced a record high! This is abnormal for us!

I invited my new riding friend and husband to join us. He is working during the week so he was glad to get to join us.

Joelle and Tracy then Mary behind them.

You know me. I had to have a shadow picture 😉

Go across the low water  crossing.

Joelle doing what I've done to her several times!

Joelle got a picture of me and Mary.

Tracy and Joelle

I love this of Tracy and Joelle and their shadows. Last leg of the trail.

It was a great ride. We were all hot, tired and sweaty...especially the horses 😏

Have a good one!


  1. It's been a crazy February weather wise that's for sure! They say 90s for today. I bet it will be even warmer than that. I have fans on and windows open. If it get too hot I may have to kick the air on! Love your horse adventures and photos!

  2. Thanks Sandy! I told Doyle on Thursday when it was 93 that I wasn't going to cook in a hot house. Needless to say he turn on the A/C :)