Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A Politician in the Family?

It's official....Doyle has decided to run for City Council. He's wanted to do this for sometime but he couldn't as long as he was a city employee. Now he's retired, that's not an issue anymore.

In his words "I've served the city for 30 years and I'm not done."

I'm proud of him. He will be a great councilman.

I went with him on Friday, February 10th to file.

He notified the family but otherwise he was being low key about it. He thought he had a little more time before the news went public but it was in the paper Saturday.

The newspaper called him on Monday for a phone interview. You can see that article here.

He is working on a campaign page on Facebook and designing a postcard for mailing.

Elections will be in May.

I like the way he worded his stance on running for this city council seat. "I don't like to say I'm running against incumbent Wayne Johnson. Wayne has done a good job and if re-elected will serve the city well. I believe the people are best served when they have a choice."

I'll keep you updated 😉

Have a good one!


  1. I saw this on Facebook. If elected I know he'll be a wonderful councilman for Mineral Wells!

    1. thanks Sandy! I realized he has the perfect personality for this!