Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Stunning Sunsets and Unusual Clouds

 I am always in awe watching God paint the sky. At first it looks like there's not much to it then all of a sudden the sky is full of color. I think it is so cool that God saw fit to give us two paintings a day so everyone would get a chance to see them!

The last two weeks of December produced some very beautiful sunsets that I was privileged to not only watch but document through pictures.

This series of pictures were taken on December 20th.

The sky is beginning to show some promise of color. Too early to tell how much but experience tells me it could be good!

I am always surprised at how much color there is in the sky opposite of the sunset. Look at these beautiful colors.

Beautiful colors and an unusual pattern to boot.

Just a little to the right of the above photo is this scene were the colors are more pink.

All I can say is "wow". Just "wow"!

Looking toward the church. If you look you can see the white steeple.

I just couldn't quit taking pictures and saying "it's so beautiful". I thoroughly enjoyed the painting this evening!

On December 21st there wasn't much sunset because of the cloud cover but the clouds sure were interesting.

The little break in the clouds looked like a heart shape to me!

I just thought they were cool.

December 22nd there was fire in the sky again. It didn't fill the sky with color but what was there was vivid!

Beautiful, rich colors.

Just lovely.

December 27th brought some more interesting clouds.

I saw a heart in this one too. Do you?

Just when I think I know when the sky will be filled with color, I get thrown a loop! Such was the case on December 28th. As I am going to feed I see these unusual clouds to the East. I stop to get a picture as I figure by the time I get to the horses I won't have a good view of them.

Some color began to emerge.

I'm thinking "this is going to be good!"

It's hopeful. I like the wisps of pink among the deep blue.

Then it begins to loose steam.

Hmmm...the sun is gone and all the color is nearly gone too but I've also given up on sunsets and then got surprised with a burst of color so I'm still hopeful :)

Nope, that was it. There's always another day!

Have a good one!