Sunday, January 22, 2017

Stroll at the State Park 1-11-2017

On a Wednesday afternoon it was a beautiful warm day. I didn't have enough time to ride but it was too pretty to not enjoy the outdoors so I made a quick trip to the State Park with my camera.

There were birds flying everywhere so I tried to get some pictures. They were good and staying just out of reach!

Some ducks flying overhead.

I was actually hoping to see the eagle that is reported to be seen at the park. The last few years there have been a couple that come during the winter months. I've never seen them myself just pictures others have posted. I think the only way I'm going to see it is to make a trip out one morning.

I spotted this little beauty by the side of the park road across from the entrance to the spillway.

I had startled this bird as I was driving across the spillway. This was as close as I could get!

I tried to get closer to this one too but I spooked it :(

I spotted some more deer and this one spotted me!

I drove back across the spillway and wanted to get this picture of the Baker in the distance. I was shooting through some tree limbs. Do you notice the haze? That is what is causing everyone in our city to have snotty noses. It's cedar pollen!

When I turned to walk back to the truck I was startled by these guys! I never noticed they were there. They never made a sound!

The moon was pretty as I was feeding horses.

Have a good one!


  1. Ha, ha. They were watching you! Great photos! Glad you got the chance to enjoy the weather and the day,