Monday, January 23, 2017

County Fair 1-12-2017

The County Fair was last week. Doyle really nudged me to enter some of my photos. He had tried
before but I didn't take him seriously. He was pretty insistent so I did it for him.

I know there are lots of people out there who take pictures and do a much better job than me so I will admit I was not expecting to place. Boy was I wrong!

I entered a total of 26 photos. I was allowed to enter up to 3 in each category.  I entered photos in 9 categories I placed in 7 out of 9 categories and 14 of the photos placed with 6 of those being 1st place! I was surprised!

I took a picture of some of my photos that placed as they were displayed at the fair. This photo is actually a horizontal shot but they didn't know that.

If you follow my blog, these pictures will look familiar as you have seen them before :)

The spider web is my photo.

Kennedy about to serve in volleyball got a blue ribbon as did my "green bug" on the cabled fence next to it.

The windmill is mine.

This isn't a clear picture of the entry but the Blue ribbon is mine. It's the rock bridge at Heritage Park.

Here are all the photos that placed.

I also entered some cards in the craft category. I could only enter 3.

I think I will do this again.

Have a good one!


  1. How awesome! I'm so glad Doyle encouraged you to enter and so thrilled that you placed so many and blue ribbons too! Your photos are great and tell special stories. I'm thrilled for you!

    1. Thanks you Sandy! I appreciate your comment so much :)