Monday, January 2, 2017

Christmas Finally Comes to the Light House 12-26-16

Keannon and Kennedy went to pickup Remi. Her family is in transition. Her step-dad has been deployed and her mom and siblings are living with her Mom's parents in Arkansas. Makes getting to see Remi more often an option! Instead of a flight to California it's now a 6 hour drive (they are willing to meet half way).

Vanessa, Kashton and Korin joined us for a big breakfast while we waited for Keannon, Kennedy and Remi to arrive.

Korin trying to ring a bell ornament on the tree.

Presents piled higher than Korin is tall!

Kashton with his horse slippers I got him along with his horse jammies.

Remi opening her Christmas Eve gifts of ornament and jammies.

Now everyone has horse jammies :)

Grammer and Kashton.

Getting the kids to be still while Doyle read the Christmas story was a bit of a challenge. Kaston especially was about to bust a gut! They did pretty good all things considered!

I think Kashton and Korin like their biggest sister.

I took several pictures to get one that was halfway decent! You can view the others on Facebook. They will all make you laugh!

Kashton was the most fun to watch open gifts. His expressions and his verbal gratefulness was just astounding for his age!

Korin trying to show Remi the gift she got.

Keannon excited about getting a Chronological Study Bible.

They love Legoes and have been building already!

Doyle got several new shirts.

Korin was really excited about a new sippy cup.

I never knew a kid who loves clothes as much as this one! It does help that they are Captain America!

Kennedy can fix hair all she wants now!

Keannon happy about a dart board for when they entertain friends.

Doyle pretty happy about new lawn  mower blades.

Vanessa showing her surprise at her gift.

Just what she wanted.

This picture doesn't show it very well but Kennedy discovered there was an electric scooter hiding in all that pile of gifts!

Another great surprise from Dad.

It's a shadow box Doyle put together of a few pics when she ran for Rodeo Queen with a place to put her buckle if she wants.

Keannon very proud of his new Cowboys golf bag.

I got a shadowbox with a few pics of my beloved Blue. A picture of Vanessa and I during Rodeo week several years ago and a couple of pics of me on Blue riding endurance. Doyle also had a belt buckle made. A very thoughtful and sentimental gift!

This is the belt buckle.

A close up.

Vanessa also got a shadowbox for her first horse Valentine along with a buckle.

We must have all been really good this year because we all made a haul! Another Christmas for the books.

Have a good one!


  1. Looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas and what awesome shadowboxes! Love the Horse slippers and pjs!! And how great that you'll be able to see Remi more often with just a 1.5 hour drive (half way) there and back!

    1. Thanks Sandy! Guess I didn't make that very clear. She lives 6 hours away...they are meeting us halfway making it a 3 hour drive one way for us but still beats driving 2 hrs to the airport here. Fly time. Drive 3 hrs from airport to get Remi and fly back!