Monday, January 30, 2017

Second Guitar Lesson 1-24-2017

I  took some video clips of Kennedy's second guitar lesson. I really like this guy!

Go here for clip #2 and here for clip #3.

I am pleased with her progress and her desire to do it. I practice with her. She only has to practice 5 minutes but we usually go twice that long.

Have a good one!

Blue Ribbon Winner 1-5-2017

I can't believe I missed sharing these jewels from January 5th. One of my blue ribbon entries from the county fair was with one of these photos!

The clouds were so fascinating.

I wasn't even sure there would be much of a sunset with all the cloud cover.

And then the color began to emerge and I got my hopes up!

The color began to expand!

I started getting excited!

This is going to be good 😁!

Oh my! I can't believe my eyes 😲

So darn pretty.

I decide to leave the horse pasture and drive to a place where there is a windmill.

Right before I get there, this is what the sky looked like! My heart is nearly pounding out of my chest hoping I can capture some of this with the windmill.

I did!

And this my friends is one of the photos that got a blue ribbon at the county fair 😉😊. Not bad huh?!

Have a good one!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Nature Explorers Hike 1-21-2017

I follow Lake Mineral Wells State Park's Facebook page and saw that there was going to be an event
hosted by Weatherford College's National Honor Society, Phi Theta Kapp, called "Nature's Explorers Saturday January 21st. This event was geared towards kids ages 5-13.

The event consisted of free entrance to the park, a short guided hike, a nature journal and 5 activities. This event is meant to help get kids off smart devices and video games and outside. That really isn't an issue for my grands! I still thought it would be something Kennedy would enjoy. 

Each child got a backpack.

As many times as I have been to the park and hiked the trails I had never been on this part of the trail before 😲!

Love how this tree great out of the rock.

There was lots of activity going on at the park but then it's the weekend. I usually go during the week when there is hardly anyone there. See a rock climber at the top of the cliff?

Going through the crevice.

Beautiful rock towering above us.

The rock stairs leading down to Penitentiary Hollow.

Kennedy ask on of the Phi Theta Kappa members to take our picture.

On our way back to our starting point for other activities I thought this shirt was too cute!

Kennedy painting flat rocks from a riverbed.

She also made a "bird feeder". Made with empty toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls, spreading with peanut butter then rolling in bird seed. Kennedy can't wait to hang this at their new house! 

On a side note. The kids have bought a house and should be moving into it in the next week or two. More on that in another post.

I forget what they called this but using special paper, you lay objects on it and the sun creates a shadow under the items. Problem was for us the sun decided to go behind the clouds as a little rain cloud formed and was heading across the lake.

Kennedy and I had enough time to take another short hike before the rain started.

Another tree growing out of the rock.

We had a great time!

Have a good one!

Saturday, January 28, 2017

"Joy Girl" 1-23-2017

I shared in another post a card made from the stamp set "Joy Girl" part of Unity Stamp Company's "AngieGirls" collection by artist Angie Blom. They are quickly becoming another fav in my collection!

This one I stamped the image and colored with my Copic Markers. Then I accented her toboggan and sweater with Liquid Pearls. The "joy" ornament I stamped again with Versa Mark, heat embossed with silver embossing powder then cut out and put foam tape under to give it dimension. For the blue background I stamped with the 3 snowflake stamps from the set and heat embossed with white embossing powder.

The plaid paper is a scrap from a Little Bicycle Collection called "Winterings". To finish it off I used crepe ribbon. I had actually made a card previous to this using a striped paper from the same "Winterings" collection but forgot to take a picture of it before I put it in the mail 😡. It is very similar to this as I tried to duplicate it but didn't have anymore scrap of the striped piece I used.

Once again....a very similar design but different. On this one I colored the ornament red then covered with glossy accents.

I really enjoyed making these cards!

Have a good one.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Vivid Colors 1-18-2017

We have had some absolutely gorgeous sunsets and this one was just "wow"!

On the way to feed the sky opposite of the sunset was already showing color!

Looking to the Southwest (where the sun sets this time of year) the colors were so rich!

I just kept going wow, wow, wow!

You know I like reflections.

The sky was pretty any direction you looked.

I just couldn't get enough 😲!

Loved the purple hues.

I went away feeling like I had just witnessed a master piece 🙌.

I know its not quite the same as being there but hope you felt the way I did!

Have a good one!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Guitar Lessons 1-19-2017

I finally was able to make connections and setup guitar lessons for Kennedy. She had her first lesson last Thursday.

I am very impressed with this young man. He was very good with Kennedy. He is a school teacher so that may be some of it but it seems he really does like children (always a plus 😉).

He showed her some things to practice. He told her she only had to practice 5 minutes a day and could probably do that during commercials watching her favorite show.

She has been good to do that and I have been practicing with her. Hoping I can learn some things too 😊.

I tried to get a video but it didn't turn out too good. I'll try again at this week's practice.

Have a good one!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Spring-like Days 1-16-2017

We have had above average temperatures the last few days. We've also had some rain. A couple of
mornings we've had dense fog.

This morning I was intrigued by the droplets.

This is a blade of grass that is bent over from the water droplets.

Then I saw these berries. I liked the way the water was hanging off of them.

Then I saw this small spider web. I am actually surprised that I saw it. It was the water droplets on the web that caught my attention.

I posted this one to Facebook with the caption "take time to notice the little things."

Have a good one!