Thursday, November 10, 2016

Observing God's Creation

October 27th was an ordinary day, doing the usual. I went to feed. While there I was in awe of how I
was seeing the sunlight and wanted to capture it.

I saw this spider web but no one was home :)

I liked how I was able to capture the sunlight at the edge of the photo.

This leaf with the sun shining through I noticed on the way to put out hay for the horses. I think this photo may be my favorite of this series.

This is looking through the gate into another pasture. If you click on the picture to see it larger you will see the raindrops on the grass a little better.

Interesting spider web!

It might just be my perspective but I found beauty in these things.

As if the morning wasn't enough beauty to enjoy I got to see more during the evening feeding.

I love the rays of sun light in the sky.

Yes you are seeing orange traffic cones in the pasture. I use those sometimes when I ride.

Lots of beauty to behold!

Have a good one!