Friday, November 11, 2016

More Cards

My Dad's birthday was October 27th. This is the card I made for him. When I made this card my hope was that he would see what I did. It worked! What I see is myself as a little girl. Although the dog is not a St. Bernard, it reminded me of my first dog that was. His name was Fritz and he was my constant companion.

This is a picture of me with my Great Grandparents thanks to my Auntie Sandy (my Mom's sister). Mom says it was when they came to visit when my brother Wayne was born which would have been 1966. These were my Mom's Dad's parents. The dog is Fritz. I was six years old. Do you love my fashion statement?! LOL!

This is the card I made for Remi for Halloween. This stamp was given to me. It's acrylic and I don't remember what company made it. It's about the only thing I have remotely "Halloween". It's very simple but I love how it turned out. I told her in the card that her face was much prettier than the one on the card!

I made this card just cause. I had made one before with this stamp and I think I sent it to Remi. I did the same thing with this image that I did on the last card and that was I used Versa Mark ink then black embossing powder to make the image lines raised. I then took Liquid Pearl to "color the sheep's wool. I love the texture and look.

This is another card I made "just cause". It is a new stamp that I had been wanting to use. This is a Phyllis Harris design by Unity Stamp Co.

Have a good one!


  1. Love your cards and glad your Dad could see you in the birthday one! Adorable photo of you from 1966 and I like your outfit! :)

    1. Thanks Sandy! I seem to only want to make cards. I need to do some more scrapbooking! I haven't done any since I was at the retreat in August! Digital books are becoming more appealing!