Sunday, October 2, 2016

Vanessa's Birthday

After Korin's big birthday bash, Vanessa's birthday celebration was much more subdued. Her birthday was Sunday September 25th. Sundays are pretty busy for all of us with church activities.  So after lunch, Kennedy helped me make a cake for her mom. 

Vanessa turned 31. However that was too many candles for a cake. We just stuck some candles in the cake.

Sorry about the trash can! I didn't think fast enough to move it. We have to put it up or the dogs get into it.

It wasn't a big celebration but a celebration all the same! 

Have a good one!


  1. Any birthday celebration even when small is a big event! The cake looks yummy. Once for Eddie's Grandmother when she turned 90 we put NINETY candles on the cake before we could get them all lit the smoke alarm went off. LOL

    1. That's funny! I'm surprised you could get that many on a cake!