Saturday, October 8, 2016

Reading to Kashton 09-28-2016

Kashton wanted to spend the night. The last time he stayed which is the first he stayed all through the night, I read to him at bedtime just like I read to his mom. So when it got to be bedtime he went to our bedroom where the books are kept to pick out a book. He called to me and said he needed help. When I got in there he had a stack of about 15 books! It made me laugh. He also didn't want to read in bed like we did before but in the living room. I'm thinking he was trying to keep from falling asleep. Anyway. One of the books he picked out was a childhood favorite of mine...Green Eggs and Ham. I was trying to video him without him knowing so I got Doyle in the process but try not to focus on him. Hope you enjoy Kashton trying to recite what I had just read to him.

Have a good one!


  1. Cute. And pretty smart to know that reading in bed would put him to sleep. Did you read all 15 books? Ha, ha.