Friday, October 28, 2016

Korin's First Time to Feed Horses

Sunday October 16th, Vanessa was on her way home from Houston but wouldn't get back until around 10. The plan was for the person who was keeping Korin to drop her off with me until Vanessa got home.

Kennedy, Korin and the woman who was keeping Korin's son were in the backyard playing. It was a bit warm that day and they had been playing in water and gotten wet!

Kennedy wanted to do a funny picture but we both made angry looking faces! I don't know what was up with that!

Then it was time to feed.

Korin was not too thrilled with the horses. Here she is peaking out the door of the feed room Doyle built me.

She did come out but tentatively!

She did not like getting hay on her!

I did get her to pet each of the horses as long as I was holding her.

Now this picture needs explanation. There is not a gate close to the barn. I just step through the cabled fence. I had shown Korin how to do that and had her all the way through except her head. She thought she was stuck. I found it funny although as you can see she didn't! I did rescue her but not before I snapped a picture to show her Mom!

I don't think I ruined her from coming again but we'll see :)

Have a good one!