Thursday, October 6, 2016

Found Another New Riding Buddy

I met a lady that attends church with me that is a horse lover too. We have recently made some
connections a few times and last Friday, September 30th, I invited her to ride with me at the State Park.

I found out she had never been! I couldn't believe it! I was thrilled to show her the trails that I love so much.

Her name is Joelle. She's about 10 years younger than me. She brought two horses along thinking her husband might join us.

I had saddled before I arrived so I talked to her while she saddled hers.

I showed her the scenic point overlooking the lake. You can see the body of water just to the right of Joelle's head just above the tree line.

It was an almost perfect weather day.

Her horse's name is Cookie. He looks a little like Clyde to me.

She finally did catch up to me. I should have got her attention so she could be looking.

There were lots of these pretty yellow flowers.

Crossing the low water crossing. I don't see water across this often!

We saw a hawk, a large white Egret and an armadillo. No deer this time.

Not a good picture of me but it is of Joelle.

The other low water crossing. We took the trail slow for two reasons. One, her horse didn't have shoes and there are several places that are very rocky. The other was so she could get familiar with the trail. We had a couple of hours to share horse stories and family stories to get better acquainted.

We had a great time and said we would do it again.

Have a good one!