Saturday, October 29, 2016

Bike Riding with the Grandkids

Tuesday October 18th Kashton and Kennedy wanted me to ride bikes with them. I'm always game to ride bikes.

We got to the entrance of the cemetery and they wanted to climb on the rock wall. Of course I took some pictures!

It was a beautiful fall day and the sky was pretty with wispy clouds.

Once they were done climbing the rock wall we ride our bikes to the pond to see the ducks. Kennedy is way ahead of us.

Kennedy and Kashton wanted to walk to the side of the pond where all the rocks make a mound. It is there that there is a small waterfall made by recycling the water.

I got them to pose for me under the shelter by the pond.

Kennedy used to be small enough to walk under the beams without ducking her head!

We rode our bikes a short distance in the cemetery where there was another shelter to explore.

They thought about jumping but I discouraged it. It was a pretty big drop! While they were up there Kennedy spied a snake skin.

We checked it out. It was really LONG!

I couldn't tell how far it went down the hole.

Then it was back to posing for me and walking on the rock walls.

Quite the cutie!

Each of them wanted pictures by themselves!

I did not "pose" them. They did this on their own!

Walking the rock wall.

We had a good time!

There was a wall Kennedy jumped off that wasn't as high as the one I have a picture of them on. You can see that here.

Kashton thought about it but changed his mind. His video clip can be seen here.

Have a good one!


  1. Can't believe how those kids are growing up so fast! What a fun day!!

    1. It was a lot of fun. They are growing way to fast!