Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A Little Adventure Before the Game

On the way to Kennedy's volleyball game Saturday October 1st I saw a hawk flying toward me from
my right. It landed in a tree by the road I was driving on. I stopped to try to see if I could see him when I looked in my rear view mirror to see that someone was behind me so I continued on to the gym which wasn't far. I was early enough that once I parked I decided to take my camera and see if the hawk was still in the tree and maybe get a picture of him.

I get close to the tree and I can hear the hawk. I ease closer to the tree when suddenly the hawk flew out. I could not point and shoot before he was out of sight and in another tree. I was bummed.

I make my way back to the gym for Kennedy's game but I did find a few things to take pictures of. Like this pretty butterfly.

And this pretty flower.

And these pretty flowers and either a butterfly or moth. I couldn't tell.

After Kennedy's game, as I was leaving the gym I thought I spied the hawk flying. I tried to get to a place to pull over and try to get a picture but by the time I did he had moved higher in the sky...too far for my zoom. I did however what I think is a vulture although I'm not positive.

Have a good one!


  1. Hmm I don't know if that'a vulture or not. Great photo though and I just love the fall flower photos!

    1. I'm not really sure either. Thanks Sandy!