Saturday, August 6, 2016

Riding with the Girls

We had another day of isolated showers and it dropped the temperature 15 degrees! Made it bearable to consider going riding. I contacted Vanessa and asked if the girls could go.

Remi looks so happy and looks really natural at leading that horse!

Kennedy and I have our work cut out brushing Fancy off! She's been rolling in a puddle!


Clyde is the only horse that I have that I trust to let the girls ride by themselves. Fancy maybe one day but she has some work to do! Both girls wanted to ride Clyde for a few minutes.

I actually have some pictures very similar to this taken a few years ago except Remi was in the front.

This was taken in 2013

I think this was the first time I put them on a horse together. This was 2012. They are so little!

Remi riding solo!

Since Kennedy isn't big enough to get on the horse without help I had her get on the cinder blocks behind us in this picture then I rode by to get her.

Looking good Remi.

We had one little bobble. One part we rode through had some pretty tall grass. Clyde put his head down to get some. Remi, not expecting that move, lost the reins! Thankfully, she (and I) remained calm and I got them back to her. She hung on to those reins for dear life after that!

Here's a short clip of us riding.

Have a good one!


  1. They do love those horses! Glad it was a bit cooler for you!

    1. It was only one day! Geez it's been hot! So ready for cooler weather!