Thursday, August 4, 2016

Remi's Back

Remi arrived for her second summer visit July 22nd. The girls came for the afternoon and sleepover Wed July 27th. It was a little overcast that day making it not quite as hot. The girls wanted to ride bikes.

We rode to the cemetery. It's not quite a mile and most of the streets I ride to get there are not busy.

I almost didn't get Remi in this picture!

Once we got to the cemetery I noticed a dark cloud to the Northeast. I didn't think too much about it at first but kept an eye on it. We don't typically get rain from that direction but it can happen. It looked like it was getting closer. I sent a message to Doyle asking if I needed to be concerned. I didn't hear from him at first. The girls and I stopped at the little pond where the ducks were. We started to ride our backs again when there was a VERY big clap of thunder. It made me jump. It scared both girls so bad they were both shaking! Remi asked me to send Granddad a message to come get us. So I did. Here we are in the truck with our bikes in the back!

It never did rain. Just threatened.  The girls talked Granddad into a ride on the "mule". I will put those pics and video in another post.

After church we went to feed horses. Remi has been after me to ride but its just too hot during the day. She asked if she and Kennedy could ride on Clyde bareback to the barn.

When we get to the house they help me whip up some pancakes for dinner!

They also spent the night (surprise!)

More adventures to come!

Have a good one!


  1. I so enjoy your fun adventures and I remember that thunder! It was loud and would be a bit scary if out in it. We did get a bit of rain that day I think.