Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Girls' Weekend at Hubbard Creek Lake

One of the ladies in our Bible Study group has a lake house in Breckenridge about 60 miles West of Mineral Wells. She really wanted to host a weekend for our group. We finally set a date. We were to go out Friday night August 5th and stay through Sunday. None of us wanted to stay over Saturday night since we had church on Sunday. A few ladies stayed over Friday night.

I managed to double book myself that weekend. Some friends of mine who have a couple of horses were going out of town and asked if I would feed for them. Another lady in our group also has horses to care for so we made arrangements to drive back and forth together.

Our view from the porch of the lake house.

This is Keannon's mom Karen. She was one of four ladies that spent the night.

Sherri Friend another lady that spent the night.

Chris VanKirk who also spent the night along with Julianne who is the leader of this group now.

This is where we found the ladies when Soozy and I arrived Saturday morning. It was nice out so we all sat under the tree relaxing and visiting.

Mom and Mama Irene showed up Saturday morning too.

When it got to hot to be outside we went in and played some games. As you can see they had a pool table and Ping Pong table. I had no idea that Mom knew how to play! She played someone else first and when I had gone outside for something and came back in the ladies proceeded to tell me that mother was a bit competitive. While I was outside she had reached to hit the ball and fell on the floor! Thank goodness it only hurt her pride!

Soozy and I played a round of pool. It was a little difficult with the tight quarters!

Julianne was a hoot! She said she wasn't much for playing games but she was going to stretch herself. Well, she could have fooled all of us! She rolled 3 yahtzees in the game she played!

Our hostess Edilva (she is originally from Brazil). She is breading fish that her husband caught out of the lake.

Playing Yahtzee while our host Larry and hostess Edilva look on.

Trying to get everyone in the picture after lunch!

Edilva and Karen.

Mama Irene and Sherri.

Mom and Chris.

It looks like Julianne is irritated with me for taking this picture but I don't even think she was aware of what I was doing :)

After lunch "some" of us took a siesta!

Edilva insisted that I go for a ride on the Sea Doo. Good thing I had done this before! I almost messed up though when I drove away from the area and did make sure I was aware of my landmarks! I did make it back!

When I came back I saw Sherri in the water by the boat dock. My first thought was that she fell in. I learned later that she had intentionally jumped in! This was a big scare for us ladies as Sherri couldn't get out by herself. She didn't think about how she was going to get out when she jumped in! There was no ladder on the boat dock and she wasn't strong enough to pull herself out or to swim to shore. What a pickle. I finally told Edilva to get her husband. He floated his boat to the dock and had Sherri grab hold of the ladder on the back of the boat towing her to shallow water. It still took two of us to help her get out! Here she is drying off! Whew! Close call but we were able to laugh about it later!
 Soozy and I had planned to try to leave in time to get home before dark but Edilva REALLY wanted Larry to take us on a boat ride. I knew how much it would mean to her so I relented.

Edilva takes a picture of us leaving the dock. The little dog belongs to her. His name is Frosty. 

I am SO GLAD I went on the boat ride or I would have missed this awesome opportunity to see a Bobcat swimming across the lake! Karen spotted it first and thought it was a dog. When she said something to Larry he turned around to investigate and we saw this! I was so bummed I didn't have my big camera but I am always a bit nervous about taking it on the water! I did manage to get a couple of shots with my phone but had to enlarge the picture a bit for you to see more detail.
As you can see the Bobcat wasn't that far from an island it was headed toward. Not sure how far it actually swam but it appeared it was quite a ways!

Having a great time...

...and so was Frosty!

Soozy and I did not make it home before dark but it was worth it!

Have a good one!