Sunday, August 28, 2016

Caught in the Rain

On August 18th it was cloudy and threatening to rain all day. Kennedy wanted to ride bikes. We started out just riding around a block or two then I suggested we ride to the trail downtown. It's about a mile from my house to the trail. Kashton had seen us riding and wanted to go. I  checked the radar on my phone and it appeared that although rain was out there it didn't appear to be heading toward us for a while so I said "lets go".

We surprised Grammer by stopping for a quick visit since we were riding right by her house. Plus Kennedy needed a "potty break"! It started sprinkling there but we went on.

Arriving at the trailhead. Look at the determination on Kashton's face!

Kashton loved the caboose!

It started sprinkling harder and Kashton was ready to find cover.

I really figured it would rain then go on past so we could just wait it out.

Then it began to rain harder.

It's really coming down now

and the wind picked up. We had to move to the other side of the shelter to keep from getting wet!

The kids were ready for me to call Granddad. I did and he came and rescued us...again!

Well, my radar let me down :( Guess I should have checked with Doyle first. Oh well it was quite the adventure!

Have a good one!