Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Birthday

To me! Well it was June 8th! Sorry....been a lot going on!

This is me at age 4. I posted this picture on Facebook and several people said it looked like Kennedy! This is Kennedy at age 4. What do you guys think?

Of course my morning started with these silly guys! Fancy is only interested in a carrot!

I had lots of Facebook birthday wishes and had 3 people come by the office to bring me cards and gifts.

When I got to the office I spotted a bird nest in a tree. It was just high enough I couldn't see so I
backed my truck into the parking space to get higher. I still wasn't high enough standing on the tailgate so I got on top of the cab. A friend of mine who works next door caught me! Unfortunately I still couldn't get a good view of the nest :( You can't say I didn't try!

My first surprise came within minutes after arriving at the office. The same lady that took the above photo brought me a card. I didn't open it until after she left and discovered she had put money inside! I promptly went next door to thank her properly!
Mom gave me gave me money in a card and Dad sent me money in a birthday card too.

The book that says "Restore my Soul" is an adult coloring book given to me by my dear friend Julianne. It isn't just a coloring book but also a devotional. I was so excited!  She had the card strategically placed on this page. It was perfect!
Vanessa and kids gave me the rubber boots. My others had sprung a leak in both boots I discovered when we were getting all the rain.! I was very pleased! The green card is from the Grandkids.

My most treasured gift came from my friend Cathy from the Scrapbook Store. She closed the store the end of December but still offers crops, retreats and classes. She gave me these collectible horse coffee mugs that belonged to her mother. Her mother died several years ago and she loved horses like me. I was blessed!

Each cup has a different horse design and a horse head on the inside. They are way cool! They are so special that I will probably just put them on a shelf to display as I won't want to risk breaking them!

The family took me out for lunch. Mom, Doyle, Vanessa, and kids were there. Keannon was out of town on the job. Mom tried to get a picture of me with the kids. This was one of the better ones.

I took a selfie but I didn't get Kashton in the picture.

It was a good day.  Happy Birthday to me!

Have a good one!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! How awesome to receive so many cards and gifts. I do hope you had watermelon too! :)

    1. Thanks Sandy! Yes I did have my watermelon!