Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Friday, June 3rd

This rain has been something else! I'm not complaining but I am sure ready to share some of the wealth (if you know what I mean :)

The pasture has standing water in it and toad stools are growing.

I was intrigued by the droplets on the grass. It's already time to mow again and I just mowed last week!

It quit raining long enough for me to ride my bike. These toadstools or mushrooms (whichever) were growing in the grass at the cemetery.

The water is flowing freely in the creek.

I get back from my bike ride and notice that the flower seeds I planted are beginning to bloom!

And with all this rain comes....yep mosquitoes!

I swatted this one before he bit me!

Later in the afternoon, Mom text me to say Destiny was coming to her house to get the key to the storage unit Wayne has if I wanted to come say hi. Michael came with her. I sure like this guy! They found an apartment and have it rented. Destiny needed to get a table out of storage to use. Destiny told us she takes her State Test for Nursing June 15th. When she gets that done she will start work at John Peter Smith Hospital in July.

Keannon and the kids stopped by to visit too! Vanessa was gone to a retreat.

We had a good visit.

Have a good one!


  1. Fun! Yeah we've had plenty of rain for now. But looks like a nice sunny (mostly) week for us.

    1. Yes it is and we're finally drying out. How about you?! There is a chance of rain over the weekend.