Sunday, June 5, 2016

Clean Bill of Health and Miss Scarlett

I took Mom to her Infectious Disease Doctor for followup regarding her infection Wednesday June 1st. She was given a "Clean Bill of Health"! Woohoo! Dr Haron answered all Mom's questions (even those she had about her foot) and thoroughly explained much. Mom was very pleased!

When we were through we had lunch at a near by Italian Food Restaurant. We ordered a Veggie pizza. Boy was it good!

Mom had asked me a few days before the appointment if we could go by and see her new great-grand baby. I said "sure". I wanted to see her too! Mom made all the arrangements with Taylor and Whitney.

We finished lunch and headed to their house to meet Miss Scarlett.

She is a cutie although this isn't the best picture of her!

Scarlett Mae is 1 day shy of being 2 weeks old the day we were there. She is a wiggly little thing!

 I got a chance to hold her too!

Whitney said they had a rough night and didn't get much sleep. Thankfully they got a nap before we arrived so Miss Scarlett was wide awake!

Taylor was at work so we didn't get to see him.

This makes great grand child number 5.

Have a good one!


  1. Ahhh such a sweet baby! Congratulations and I'm thrilled to hear of your Mom's health report! I know you are thrilled too! :) And yes, that pizza does look really good!