Monday, June 6, 2016

A Toady Kind of Day

We have had rain for several days. Not stormy, more tropical like. I have seen a couple of posts on Facebook from some friends that have compared our weather of late to that of Oregon/Washington.

Anyway, Thursday June 2nd was that kind of day. I was sitting at the computer when I looked out the storm door and saw four toads on our sidewalk. You can't even walk across the yard without toads jumping out of your way!

I started watching them and I saw one of them stick out its tongue like they were eating something. With it raining, I didn't think there were any bugs "flying" so I went to investigate further.

Do you see the worm in front of this toad?

The rain had worms swimming everywhere. Hard not to when there was standing water everywhere!

They are eating worms!

Slurping it up like spaghetti!

You may have to click on this picture to see it but he closes his eyes as the last of the worm gets in his mouth as if to say hmmmm....good!

Got another worm!

Caught him with his mouth open!

This toad is by a tree in our front yard. See how deep the water is standing!

It was quite entertaining for me! Now the rain has gone and the the sun is out. The toads are hiding among my flowers were the ground is moist and cool.

Have a good one!


  1. Worm bonanza for those toads! We have lots of bullfrogs and tree frogs croaking away at night! Sounds like a jungle or something.