Monday, May 23, 2016

Taking Mom on an Adventure

As I mentioned in my previous post Mom and I drove to San Angelo to attend Destiny's Pinning Ceremony. We did not stay over for the graduation. I needed to get back and Mom (and I) thought it would be too much for her. She was pretty tired after attending the Pinning Ceremony. What you don't know is Mom had tried to do several things before leaving town and  was tired before we left! Then we rode in a car for 3 hours. ****Fast Forward***

We didn't have time to really enjoy our trip going down but we sure did going home! Evidently I didn't do a good job reserving a hotel. The price was good and it was clean but they offered no breakfast, continental or otherwise and not even a coffee pot in the room! I don't know how I missed that in the description! So we had to find a place for breakfast.

We decided to be brave and try a local cafe that had rave reviews when I did a google search. It was called T-Bear's. It was located in a shopping mall that had a bowling alley in it. Yes you heard me right! A bowling alley!

When we arrive the place is packed (that is usually a good sign! If you look closely you can see the bowling alley through the windows to the right in this photo.)

We did find a table for two and sit down. We were a bit apprehensive that anyone saw us come in but that concern was soon dispelled when someone came to our table.

We ordered coffee and took a few minutes to decide what we wanted to eat. I asked what was their "specialty" and was told "Cat Scratchins"

It sounded really good but seemed to be a lot of food so Mom and I passed and got a more traditional breakfast.

Mom got biscuits with sausage gravy. It was still a lot of food!

This is what I had. The pancake was heavenly!

The table Mom and I sat at we had this view of the wall for the "bowling hall of fame". I thought that was cool.

It's things like this that give a place character!

As we make our way to the register to pay out I see this sign. We were there on May 14th.

I asked about the closing. They had been in business for 12 year and the only reason they were closing was they had to move from their location. If they can find another location in which to operate they may reopen. If they do...I highly recommend you eat there!

Mom and I get on the road. I chose a route that was very direct but using roads that were not
Interstate. We ended up driving through some beautiful farming country and several small towns. Traffic was very minimal. We had come the same way coming to San Angelo but as I mentioned before we were pressed to get there so I didn't take time to stop for anything that interested me.

There was a small town we came through that was almost my name. I thought it would be fun to get a picture of the post office.

I know Mom and I drove right by this place going to San Angelo but neither of us saw it until we were on our way home. I saw it and wasn't sure what I saw. It intrigued me so much I did a U-turn to go back. Yes these are coyotes hanging on a fence. I counted 31 of them. The smell was horrendous!

This is a common practice among ranchers here in Texas. It is said that when coyotes attack livestock that the ranchers will kill them and hang them on the fence. It actually keeps coyotes away. I had heard of this practice and had seen one or two but never this many!

The drive was good for the most part until we hit about a half mile patch of road construction.

Going to San Angelo we ran into this construction right after we exited off the Interstate. I'm sure Mom was wondering what I had gotten us into! And she had just washed her car! Oops! It was Saturday when we came back through and no one was working so it doesn't look nearly as bad as it did the first time we went through!

I had a good time and I think Mom did too!

Have a good one!


  1. I love these type of trips through small towns! Glad you had time to enjoy the drive home. I've seen coyotes like that and that many on ranches on Hwy 16 going to Comanche. And had heard the same reason as you. I wonder though if it really works??

  2. This was just South of Cisco. What I hear the Ranchers say it works. Seems rather Barbaric.