Sunday, May 22, 2016

Pinning Ceremony

My niece Destiny (my brother's youngest) got her Bachelor's in Nursing. Her Pinning Ceremony was
on Friday, May 13th.

This was Mother's first big trip outside of going to the doctor. It is 3 hours to San Angelo where Destiny attended Angelo State University.

The plan was to get there early enough to have dinner with the family. Unfortunately Mother and I didn't get out of town soon enough for that to happen and let her get some rest before the ceremony that night at 8:30pm.

Her mother, who is also a nurse had the honor of placing the pin on Destiny.

We are all so proud of Destiny! Once she passes the State exam she will go to work in the same hospital as her mom. She is pretty excited about that.

She got tickled about something.

They recited the Nurse's Pledge.

Of course since we are together we took some family pictures. You can tell Mom is pretty happy! L to R Taylor (26), Addison (23), Mom. Destiny (21). Taylor's girlfriend didn't make it. She is pregnant and due 2 weeks from the date of the ceremony.

Dad and Barbara made the trip from Missouri for the graduation festivities.

Wayne with his kids. His girlfriend Kelly was there but she tends to avoid the camera most of the time. I dynamics can be complicated!

It was a great night but Mom was one tired girl!

Have a good one!