Thursday, May 12, 2016

More Freedom!

Tuesday, May 3rd Mom got her stitches out and released to begin bearing weight again. Well, actually she had already. There was major miscommunication the day we saw Dr. Cook in his Dallas office. After the cast removal and saying Mom could wear the walking boot, I had gone to the car to get it. By the time I got back Dr. Cook had gone on to the next patient and he hadn't said anything to her about weight bearing or how much!

Mom getting out her list of questions. One of which "when can I drive!"

He chuckled and said "I would suggest practicing in a empty parking lot first."

Mom has mastered the knee scooter. She just got back from getting an x-ray.

Dr. Cook discussing the x-ray with Mom. Everything looks good.

Dr. Cook puts a light bandage back over the surgery sight as it is seeping a little bit.

Mom has worked very hard to get more mobile and I commend her for her perseverance!

Saturday May 7th she text me that she had been "practice driving" and she would be taking herself to church Sunday morning!

Vanessa bunch, Doyle, me and Mom went out for lunch Mother's Day. She used her walker and walked without a limp! Now that is progress!

She got more good news too. She will have the pick line removed on Friday, May 13th and will take her remaining antibiotics by mouth. Just in time for us to go watch my brother's youngest graduate from nursing school in San Angelo (3 hours away).

Have a good one!


  1. What a relief for you and her that's she's doing so much better and walking with no limp and practice driving!!

    1. Thanks! She is very glad to get some freedom back!