Thursday, May 19, 2016

May Means Rodeo

The first day of Rodeo begins with a Trail Ride. I chose not to do it this year because I usually do the last half which is in the afternoon. The ride ended this year where they have lunch because a bridge was out on the road from Millsap to Mineral Wells.

We did ride in the parade. This year Kennedy had an opportunity to ride a float with her dance team. Doyle , Keannon and I rode in the parade.

Doyle on his faithful steed.

Me and Keannon waiting for the parade to start.

Kennedy on her dance teams float sitting in between her friends Tessa (on the right) and Rachel (on the left). They are sisters and are my neighbors. Their mother took this picture.

Doyle is in the Sheriff's Posse and they were the first group in the parade. Keannon and I rode with them at the back of the group. Behind us was the rest of the parade.

Looking toward the front. I love this picture with the Baker in it. Doyle is on the right of this photo.

Stopped for prayer and pledge.

The judges.

Our safety. If you look closely you can see the end of the parade behind them.

Doyle waving at his former partner and co-workers.

Kashton is in a turquoise shirt to the left of the photo. Korin is next to him and Vanessa is behind them bent down.

Riding back to the trailer. I hope Vanessa got some pictures of us!

After the parade we went to the Posse building for a group picture. They take one every year. You'll probably have to click on the picture to enlarge to see Doyle but he is next to the Posse Sweetheart.

After this it's time for some Rodeo!

Have a good one!


  1. I enjoy your rodeo photos. Looks like the weather was perfect for that day!