Monday, April 25, 2016

What An Ordeal!

I came back to see Mom on Saturday April 16th bringing items she needed from home.

The infection was sent to lab to be cultured. We were told it was staph but there are many strains of it and to best treat it the type of staph needed to be identified. In the meantime antibiotics were administered through IV.

Sunday night Mom learned that the infection was MRSA. If you don't know what it is click on the word to take you to a link that explains it. It's not good! It is very resistant to a lot of antibiotics and highly contagious!

I hadn't been to see Mom since Saturday as we were being told that she might get to go home Monday or Tuesday but once the infection was identified there was a matter of coordinating how Mom would continue receiving her antibiotics by IV.

Once all the details were worked out Mom was able to come home Wednesday April 20th.

Now every time someone went into the room there were precautions.

You had to clean your hands, put on a light weight plastic gown and rubber gloves. Do you like my attire?!

Trying to help pass the time while we wait for a wheel chair.

Mom is very eager to bust out of this place and get home!

I arrived at 4pm. We left the hospital at 5:30pm, just in time for evening traffic in Dallas and then a slow down in Arlington because of the Rangers game. We finally get home about 8:30! Buttons was beside himself!

Mom will be on IV antibiotics for 6wks. Doyle is administering them to her once a day. It takes almost 2 hours for her to get her meds.

We go for a check up with her surgeon Dr. Cook on Tuesday (April 26th). Mom follows up with Dr. Heron (infectious disease doctor) after 6 wks.

Mom feels good and is doing well!

Have a good one!


  1. Oh my! That stuff is nasty! I'll keep your mom in my prayers that she heals well. And that you all stay safe from it too!

    1. Thanks Sandy! It has been an ordeal!