Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Two Weeks Post-Op

Friday April 1st was Mom's two week followup after surgery.

Here she is checking in with her trusty steed :) her knee scooter!

First things first....taking the cast off.

Time to remove the staples. That red spot is where the cast scrapped her leg when she fell off her scooter. Thank goodness she wasn't hurt worse!

Then Dr. Cook came in. He said everything looks good. We will recast and see you in two weeks.

Butterfly strips were applied just for good measure.

I just thought this was a fun shot to take. Her foot (ankle) is straighter than it was!

Applying another cast. Yep, she picked black again! We learned that Mom's handsome cast technician she had last visit decided he wanted to pursue a career in music and no longer worked there.

Waiting for the cast to dry.
I must admit she really has been a pretty good patient!

Motivating her scooter pretty good! That basket in the front sure comes in handy. Making her appointment for two weeks.

I took her to church this morning (April 3). The first time since her surgery. When I got there to pick her up she admitted she was already tired from getting ready. By the time I got her home again she said I'm going to take a nap! She did enjoy getting back to church and everyone was glad to see her.

 I couldn't resist snapping a couple of pictures of the clouds and sky when I feed Friday night.

Have a good one!


  1. Beautiful sky photos! Glad your mom is doing so well. I was able to look at these. The one with her foot up is great! :)

    1. thanks Sandy! These were a little easier to view!