Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Kennedy Plays Volleyball

Vanessa signed Kennedy up to play volleyball. I think she choked because I was there. Vanessa said she played much better in previous games. She was still my little star! This game was Saturday April 2nd.

Her cousin Krystal also plays. She is standing next to Kennedy. And her Aunt helped coach. She is in the pink in the background and is Krystal's mother.

They look so small! The rules are a bit different and they compensate for their size by letting them serve closer to the net and not having the net as high.

She has the right form but doesn't quite have the depth perception yet.

This is probably the best out of the pictures I took.

She served twice in two different matches.

We thought this was her last game. Due to conflicts in schedules this was the only one I have attended. I just learned she has at least one more game which will be Saturday April 9th,

Timeout to tie a shoe!

Extending sportsmanship by congratulating the other team on a good game.

Remi and Korin cheering sister on!

Have a good one!

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  1. Maybe it was because you were there or it was just her off day. She'll catch on to it all. They look so little playing!!