Friday, April 8, 2016

Kennedy Plays Baseball

I may find myself coming and going this month! Kennedy is playing volleyball (which is nearly over), baseball and dance. Kashton is playing T-ball. Each of them have a game every Saturday! Now add a baby shower, a couple of weddings and a guest speaker at church and I'm booked!

This game was Saturday, April 2nd.
This is one step up from T-Ball. I can't remember what they call it but the coaches pitch to the players. After a few tries if they can't hit the ball they bring the "T" out for them to bat from.

She got a hit, with the help of the "T".

Kashton wasn't feeling his best that day.

Korin was her busy self and stole her brother's hat.

Of course she didn't leave it on!

She did not hit this ball.

She did eventually get on base and made it back home again.

Congratulating the other team on a game well played.

Huddle with the Coaches.

Have a good one!


  1. Yep. Sounds like you are busy that's for sure but enjoy it. They will only be in activities like this for a few years and before you know it they are grown!