Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Bike Riding Resumed

I have started riding my bike again April 4th. It has been so long that I am having to start small and work my way back to where I was. I'm starting with 5 miles. Right now the trails are closed due to water damage from that 6 inch rain we got in March. So I am riding the roads at the cemetery down the road from me.

From my house to the cemetery is .75. I can ride 3 loops in the cemetery and then home for a little over 5 miles.

The ride is not as pretty and I don't like riding in circles but for the distance I am riding right now it will work.

The sky was pretty on April 7th when I rode.

This stretch in the cemetery is part of my favorite. When these trees are fully leafed out it makes a canopy.

This is what I posted on Facebook April 11th:

I rode 4 days last week 5-6 miles each for a total of 23.98 miles. My goal is to ride 5-6 times a week 10-12 miles a day. 

I began this week going an extra mile!

So here's to me staying on task :)

Have a good one!