Sunday, March 27, 2016

Penitentiary Hollow

It was a pretty day and Kennedy asked me if we could go to the State Park and climb the rocks.
Kashton came too. It was my first time to take him and possibly his first time to be there.

We got about a mile down the road and Kennedy tells me Kashton feel asleep! "You're kidding me!" I say to her.  Sure enough I look in my review mirror and see this. Obviously he didn't get a nap before I got him! Kennedy tries to wake him and I tell her to let him be. We'll wake him when we get to the park.

Because I woke him up he wasn't a very happy camper at first.

And we're off!

Making their way down the stone stairs to the bottom of the Hollow.

Walking through the crack in the rocks....their favorite part!

Coming out the other side.

Each of them wanted a picture at the opening we just walked through. You can just see a sliver of light behind Kennedy.

I just love this picture of Kashton. I'm so bummed it's not completely in focus!

More hiking.

My little poser!

Looks like Kennedy has taught her brother how to pose!

Kashton enjoyed climbing on the rocks but his favorite thing was throwing rocks into the water!

Signs of Spring!

The lake was very muddy after the heavy rains we received last week.

I don't remember what he was asking!

Climbing back up out of the Hollow.

Kennedy had her tumbling class to go to. Kashton kept asking to go back and climb rocks. Another day buddy, another day!

Have a good one!


  1. One of my favorite places! Kashton was a tired little boy but glad he got happier once he was out walking and climbing! :)

    1. Thanks Sandy! He fell asleep going home too but he had a great time!