Tuesday, March 29, 2016

One Week Post-Op

I want to warn you that if you're squeamish in anyway you may want to pass on this blog post.

Mother had a followup appointment with her surgeon Tuesday March 22nd.

Removing the dressing.

And there she is! The marking on her leg is to make sure surgery was performed on the right one!

A little swelling in her foot.

The staples on either side of her leg is where the Surgeon went in with "screws".

As painful as this looks Mom hasn't had much pain which is good!

Mom awaiting the application of her cast.

Applying the "sock" then gauze.

Applying the first layer of "cast" material.

Applying the "color" and those who know mom know that "black" is her favorite. I say it's not a color but oh well!

All finished.

Waiting for it to dry.

We go back on Friday April 1st to have her staples removed. A cast will be reapplied at that time.

This is Mom's new friend for the next several weeks. She has rented a "knee scooter" and is learning to navigate it. So far she's not ventured out except to go to the doctor.

Have a good one!


  1. Okay. I did scroll through super fast on this one! LOL Hope she is healing well!!

    1. She is! Thanks for stopping even if you refrained from looking :)