Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Good Friday

Due to busy schedules I hadn't seen Kennedy in several days. She and I were both having withdrawals. Vanessa asked if she could hang out with me on Friday, March 25th.  Kennedy was spending the night with a friend and I was to pick her up Friday morning when I went to feed horses.

The very first thing she wanted to do was put on some fake nails she had. I tried to tell her that once she had them on she wouldn't be able to do anything with her fingers! She still wanted to try them!

I had met a woman on the trail ride last weekend that was thrilled to find another woman her age that liked to ride. We made a tentative date to ride together this day. I touched base with her to confirm this and asked if she minded if Kennedy came along. She didn't.

Kennedy and I eat a bite of lunch then go hook up the trailer and get horses.

Kennedy wanted to ride Clyde. After all he's "her horse"! With the big rain we had a couple of weeks ago the back country at the State Park was closed so we are riding on the Rails to Trails.

I thought Clyde was slow but my new friend's horse is even slower! She stayed behind most of the time!

My friend Karen took a few pictures too!

I am standing in front of Diamond. I think this was before we began our ride.

This is Karen's horse Wish. Isn't she pretty?

The sky was so pretty!

This was on the way back. The sun was really bright!

We had a great time. We definitely plan to ride again.

Have a good one!


  1. All the horses are pretty and how nice to find a new riding friend! Did the nails hinder Kennedy any?

    1. Not from riding but she couldn't do anything else!