Thursday, March 31, 2016

Pre-Easter Fun

Not mine personally but my neighborhood. For at least 4 or 5 years now a non-profit religious organization called Mission Mineral Wells has coordinated a city wide effort to reach the people of Mineral Wells in partnership with the Police Department and local churches. Each year a certain neighborhood is targeted. It started with the ones who had the largest crime rate.

Taking the whole month of March or April (depending on when Easter is) we do an outreach every Saturday ending with the Saturday before Easter. The first week we prayer walk the area. The second week we hand out a gift bag with a few items for each family. The third week we clean up the area by  picking up and hauling off trash. The last and final Saturday is a big Easter Celebration with all sorts of games for the kids, face painting, bounce house, egg hunt and of course a short message

My dear friend Julianne decided to dress up as a clown. We manned the registration table. This was obviously before the event started. We stayed pretty busy after this. Another friend Lane Cawthon is seated at the table.

Keannon, Vanessa and the kids came out and enjoyed the festivities.

Waiting in line for face painting.

Korin is proud of her bucket of eggs!

Remi 7, Kennedy 6, Kashton 3, Korin 18 mos.

It was a great time!

Have a good one!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Good Friday

Due to busy schedules I hadn't seen Kennedy in several days. She and I were both having withdrawals. Vanessa asked if she could hang out with me on Friday, March 25th.  Kennedy was spending the night with a friend and I was to pick her up Friday morning when I went to feed horses.

The very first thing she wanted to do was put on some fake nails she had. I tried to tell her that once she had them on she wouldn't be able to do anything with her fingers! She still wanted to try them!

I had met a woman on the trail ride last weekend that was thrilled to find another woman her age that liked to ride. We made a tentative date to ride together this day. I touched base with her to confirm this and asked if she minded if Kennedy came along. She didn't.

Kennedy and I eat a bite of lunch then go hook up the trailer and get horses.

Kennedy wanted to ride Clyde. After all he's "her horse"! With the big rain we had a couple of weeks ago the back country at the State Park was closed so we are riding on the Rails to Trails.

I thought Clyde was slow but my new friend's horse is even slower! She stayed behind most of the time!

My friend Karen took a few pictures too!

I am standing in front of Diamond. I think this was before we began our ride.

This is Karen's horse Wish. Isn't she pretty?

The sky was so pretty!

This was on the way back. The sun was really bright!

We had a great time. We definitely plan to ride again.

Have a good one!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

One Week Post-Op

I want to warn you that if you're squeamish in anyway you may want to pass on this blog post.

Mother had a followup appointment with her surgeon Tuesday March 22nd.

Removing the dressing.

And there she is! The marking on her leg is to make sure surgery was performed on the right one!

A little swelling in her foot.

The staples on either side of her leg is where the Surgeon went in with "screws".

As painful as this looks Mom hasn't had much pain which is good!

Mom awaiting the application of her cast.

Applying the "sock" then gauze.

Applying the first layer of "cast" material.

Applying the "color" and those who know mom know that "black" is her favorite. I say it's not a color but oh well!

All finished.

Waiting for it to dry.

We go back on Friday April 1st to have her staples removed. A cast will be reapplied at that time.

This is Mom's new friend for the next several weeks. She has rented a "knee scooter" and is learning to navigate it. So far she's not ventured out except to go to the doctor.

Have a good one!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Penitentiary Hollow

It was a pretty day and Kennedy asked me if we could go to the State Park and climb the rocks.
Kashton came too. It was my first time to take him and possibly his first time to be there.

We got about a mile down the road and Kennedy tells me Kashton feel asleep! "You're kidding me!" I say to her.  Sure enough I look in my review mirror and see this. Obviously he didn't get a nap before I got him! Kennedy tries to wake him and I tell her to let him be. We'll wake him when we get to the park.

Because I woke him up he wasn't a very happy camper at first.

And we're off!

Making their way down the stone stairs to the bottom of the Hollow.

Walking through the crack in the rocks....their favorite part!

Coming out the other side.

Each of them wanted a picture at the opening we just walked through. You can just see a sliver of light behind Kennedy.

I just love this picture of Kashton. I'm so bummed it's not completely in focus!

More hiking.

My little poser!

Looks like Kennedy has taught her brother how to pose!

Kashton enjoyed climbing on the rocks but his favorite thing was throwing rocks into the water!

Signs of Spring!

The lake was very muddy after the heavy rains we received last week.

I don't remember what he was asking!

Climbing back up out of the Hollow.

Kennedy had her tumbling class to go to. Kashton kept asking to go back and climb rocks. Another day buddy, another day!

Have a good one!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Trail Ride at Palo Pinto Mountains State Park

There is a new State Park being developed about 40 miles to the Southwest of us in the community of Strawn. It isn't open yet but they are already hosting a few events such as star gazing and trail rides.

I had learned about the trail rides last year from my farrier and called about them. I learned that the ride was limited to 60 riders then you went on a waiting list. The first opportunity I had to try to go was last Spring. The first ride was scheduled in April. It got rained out. It was rescheduled for May. That was the month that our drought was ended and it rained nearly every day! The next shot was a fall ride in October. It too got rained out!

I received an email from this group that organizes the rides in February for a planned ride March 19th. I didn't respond right away and when I did the ride was full! I was torn as March is such an unpredictable weather month. It can be hot or it can be cold and snowing!

Then the first part of March Doyle gets an email from the Sheriff's Posse of which he is a member. They were doing their spring trail ride that same weekend at the same place! AWESOME!

We wanted to saddle up after we arrived.

Mounted and ready to ride.

I love how the sun shining on Fancy's hair looks like a shiny copper penny!

And we're off. Diamond and Fancy wanted to be at the front of the line. We had about 30 riders. We had a cold front blow through which may have contributed to smaller numbers. It was 39 that morning. The ride was at 2 pm but it was still cool enough for a coat with the wind blowing.

Pretty view!

Going up!

View from the top and the rest of the riders coming up.

Such a pretty view. The picture doesn't really do it justice.

Fancy was not cooperating!

I just love this picture!

Our leaders.

Sure is a pretty Appaloosa I'm riding behind.

Almost back to where we started and Fancy has eased herself right behind the leader!

After the ride we load up and head down the road to one of the Posse member's place for hamburgers!

It was a great ride. It was fun to have Doyle along too! I also met a new friend. Another woman about  my age who also loves to ride. We have already made a date to ride Good Friday.

Have a good one!