Thursday, February 18, 2016

What Do You See?

As I arrived to feed horses Thursday morning February 11, 2016 I noticed a cloud. I've seen shapes of clouds before but for some reason this one made me take a second glance and my first thought was "it looks like an angel". I'm sure others might see something else but that's what I saw. Especially since I've been asking God of late to allow me to see into the supernatural realm. I just know it blessed my heart to see it and impressed me enough to take a photo of it.

Three days prior to this I had another unusual happening. I was walking to the barn where I feed horses and right in the middle of the path was this! Click on the picture for a closer look but it's a $20 dollar bill! Folded in half and just laying in the dirt surrounded by hoof prints! It wasn't there when I feed the night before. It was as if someone had just "placed" it there! I couldn't believe my eyes and so I took a picture before I even picked it up! Talk about blessed! I actually needed it too!

Keep your eyes open! You never know how or when Papa God might surprise you!

Have a good one!


  1. It's amazing the things we can see in the clouds. I see your angel in this photo! And what a lucky find on the money. I still say someone rode a horse and paid for it. LOL

    1. Thanks Sandy! That is pretty funny about someone paying for a ride!