Monday, February 29, 2016

Kennedy Rides the Whole Loop

February 17th I planned to ride at the State Park by myself. I had come home from work and
Kennedy came over as soon as she was aware I was home. She has learned to look to see if my truck is in the driveway!

I tried not to say anything but she's a smart cookie and when she saw me grab my boots to put on she knew what I was going to do. She asked "Are you going riding?" Well, I couldn't lie. I answer "yes".  And as I expected she quickly says "I want to go with you." I don't mind her going with me but the last time we went she didn't ride very far and I really wanted to ride.

She was wearing shorts and flip flops and I told her she couldn't go like that. That she would need some jeans and boots. Well it didn't take her long to get changed and off we go to catch our steeds!

I love this picture even though I caught her with her eyes closed.

Here she's leading Fancy.

Here we are on the trail.

Well, she surprised me! She rode the whole 8 mile loop without complaining! It took about 2 hours. I asked her if she had fun and if she would do it again and she said yes! I would call that a success!

Have a good one!


  1. Awesome! That is success. She is getting so big!

    1. Thanks! It kind of makes me sad in some respects at how big she's getting but on the other hand she's big enough now to help!