Monday, February 8, 2016

He Finally Did It!

After 30 years and talking about it seriously for the last 5, Doyle retired from the Mineral Wells Fire Department. His last day was Friday January 22nd. He was on duty that day but nobody let him do anything. There were two different retirement parties. One was in the afternoon and another that evening. After the evening party he came home. Click here for the story in our local paper.

Of course there was cake!

Doyle's shift.

Fire Chief on the far right and Captain on the far left.

The tallest guy is Jared. He thinks the world of Doyle. He is quite the young man. He was the one in charge of getting Doyle's retirement gift. He was beside himself with excitement!

A Henry .22 rifle.

Job well done Jared!

It will be 3 weeks on Friday since Doyle's retirement. Right now it just feels like he's on vacation. The biggest adjustment for me is not having every 3rd day to myself and meal planning.

Here's to the next season in our lives!

Have a good one!


  1. Oh wow! Congratulations to Doyle!! I bet you are having to get used to not having that third day to yourself but you'll get into the groove. Is he going to do any other job or just do things at home for now?

    1. Thanks Sandy! For now he's just doing things around the house. I think he'll at some point do something part time maybe but we'll see. He just needs some time to rest.