Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Day After Christmas

We made plans to get with brothers kids the day after Christmas. Since my brother and Vanessa both
moved out of their big homes we didn't have a house big enough to accommodate everyone. We used our church facility to have our gathering. Unfortunately Taylor and his girlfriend were unable to attend. Doyle also had to miss as it was duty day for him. He did come by with his crew and ate with us.

It was really good to see Addison whom we hadn't seen since last Christmas. We also met her boyfriend Josh.

My Dad also made it down. Here's the whole group!

The Bailey family! Vanessa, Keannon, Korin (15 mos), Kashton (2) and Kennedy (6)

Addison (25) and Josh

Destiny (21) and boyfriend Bryan. Destiny will graduate from Nursing School this coming May!

Grammer with her grands minus Taylor.

Grandpa with the grands.

Four generations with Mom.

Four generations with Dad. The kids are so over taking pictures. Can you tell?!

My beautiful nieces! So proud of these two!

We had a great time of visiting.

Have a good one!


  1. That's a bit like my family. Too big for anyone's house. We don't get together for Christmas but have our big reunion in June. I do see some of them around Christmas time though. It's great that you were able to use your church facility for this gathering. Lovely family!