Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Little Hike

Last Wednesday January 13th was a beautiful day. I decided I would take a little hike at Lake Mineral Wells State Park. I was given a pass for Christmas and I hope to utilize it by going as much as I can. It is a great park and very diverse. I usually ride horses but I can't take pictures with my big camera from a horse.

I decide to take a trail I hadn't been on before that was on the other side of the lake where the cabins are located.

I pulled up to park and saw something on one of the grills. I realized it  was a either a Black or Turkey Vulture sunbathing!

He spied me.  It wasn't long before he was uncomfortable and flew away.

I began my hike. The terrain was rough at times but I had a great time. With all the rocks, I was really glad it was in the middle of winter!

Me and my shadow. My backpack camera bag makes me look "hunched backed"!

I came upon some birds. There were several of them. It was hard to photograph them at first. They keep fluttering from tree limb to tree limb. I couldn't really tell what they were until I got home and put the pictures on the computer. These are Cedar Waxwings. I do not recall ever having seen them before this year. Oddly enough a friend of mine had recently posted some pictures she had taken.

Even with my zoom lens this was as close as I could get. You can enlarge these pictures by clicking on them and you will be able to see them better. They look like they are wearing masks.

I was excited to get a couple of pictures of a bird I had not ever photographed before. My birdie friends I give calendars to will appreciate it!

The trail then took me along the edge of the lake. It is so nice to see it full again!

On the way back. Not all the trail was rocky.

It was a great afternoon!

Have a good one!


  1. Fantastic nature photos and a good selfie of you too! And what a great gift for you! A pass to the park!! I know you'll be getting a lot of use for it!