Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Vanessa planned a birthday party for Remi and Kennedy after Remi arrived for her Christmas vacation with us. The party was set for Sunday December 20th.  She got two adjoining hotel rooms with an indoor pool. Brilliant!

The first thing they did was swim.

Kennedy is in the yellow polk-a-dot swimsuit.

After swimming it was time to open gifts.

Their favorite gift was what Mommy and Daddy got them which was a makeup kit for each of them.

Of course once the makeup was out everyone wanted to wear some!

Here's the group. Not all of them stayed the night but most did!

I loved this picture of one of the older girls using a selfie stick to get her picture with the group.

The chaperons! Vanessa and her friend Stevi.

Having some pizza!

They had a wonderful time. I couldn't be there so thanks to Vanessa there are some pictures to record it!

Have a goo done!

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  1. That is a brilliant idea and a great way to have a swimming party in the winter!