Saturday, December 12, 2015

Looking Like Christmas

My goodness, Christmas is 2 weeks away! When did that happen??!! I can't seem to get caught up.

The last several years I have tried to begin my Christmas decorating the weekend after Thanksgiving. This year we had an usual rained everyday beginning Thanksgiving through Sunday. We ended up with 7.75 inches! This is my rain gauge. It measures rainfall very accurately. The inside cylinder measures one inch.

Needless to say I didn't do any outside decorating and I couldn't do inside either as I needed a boat to get to the garage! I'm not complaining though. After our drought I keep thanking God for the rain!

I put up outside decorations on Tuesday (Dec 1st) and Wednesday (Dec 2nd). I took off my glasses for this shot as my lens turn when I'm outside so you couldn't see my eyes!

Still Daddy's little girl. I managed to capture this rare moment in between decorating and walking with the Grands.

Kennedy was after me to get the tree up. She and Kashton wanted to help decorate. They discovered my "Santa" hats!

Kashton and Kennedy wanted pictures with the candy canes. As you can see it wasn't very cold.

They are just too cute!

Kashton wanted to wear the reindeer antlers.

And so did Kennedy.

While the kids were decorating Mom had come over with Korin. She sat in the Bentwood rocking
chair that we've had since before Vanessa was born. It finally caved. Thankfully it didn't break all the way or Mom would have fallen in the floor! Doyle disassembled it and the kids decided that the back and seat made for good "sleds"!

Kashton loves chewing on ice. That's what he has in his mouth.

It's never a dull moment around here!

Have a good one!


  1. It has been a different season weather wise for pre-Christmas. I got my living room tree up and decorated and also put my vintage tree in my craft room. I did get a few other decorations up around the house buy no where near the amount I usually do but I good with it. And when I got home Saturday night after my class at Flossie Scrapper, Brandy had put up all the lights outside and hung my wreaths on the windows. It was a very nice surprise!

    1. That is a pleasant surprise! Go Brandy! Definitely getting brownie points for that!