Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Picking Up Pecans

On of the things my Mother loves to do is pick up pecans. This hobby was discovered when we first moved to Texas in 1974. We lived in a small wood frame house on a ranch owned by a wealthy man. He allowed us to live there to oversee the property and animals in exchange for rent while my Dad attended seminary to become a minister. On this ranch was a pecan grove. In the 3 years we lived there we picked up enough pecans to bake with, sell and give away.

Kennedy and I picked up pecans yesterday. When Mother learned about it she wanted to go but was keeping Kennedy's brother and sister. I said we'd go today when she was relieved of babysitting duties.

Mother loves to find those little treasures!

Mother invited Kashton to go along with us. It took a few minutes of showing him what to look for but he actually did pretty good!

We were at Keannon's old house they lived in before Kashton was born. The house is still on the market so no one lives there. Might as well help ourselves to the nuts!

It really wasn't cold but he insisted on wearing his jacket! Oh that face!

Kashton finally decided he could take his jacket off. He is pleased with his find!

Such a cutie!

When Mother got tired she brought a little stool to sit on and continue picking up pecans. She was getting ready to sit down when Kashton beat her to the stool! She almost sat on him! It was pretty funny.

I was trying to get Kashton to hold his pecans so you could see them. Instead he's showing them to me!

We had a great time!

Have a good one!

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  1. It's a chore that seems never ending when the winds blow! Does your mother like bending over to pick them up. We bought two pecan picker upper things a few years ago at the feed store and it makes a huge difference in time required to pick them up!