Tuesday, November 3, 2015


I went with the kids to a couple of "Fall Festivals" being held by local churches. I wanted to get some pics before we left not being sure if I would get any while we were at the festivals.

Unfortunately it was real quick and I didn't have a good choice of backgrounds but at least I have some pictures!

Kashton is Spiderman and Kennedy is Wonder Woman. Mom even put a little makeup on her.

Korin was able to wear Kennedy's 1st Halloween costume which is a Zebra. As you can see she doesn't like to be still for very long!

The first festival we went to was hosted by the church Keannon and Vanessa are attending called New River. It was a pretty nice set up and they had a photo booth for pictures. I wasn't a very good photographer as I cut off the top which had a banner "Give Thanks" above it. Maybe the church's photo is better. We will have access to it.

Little Miss Priss before we left the house. She did not want to leave her little cap on! Yes she is standing in a rocking chair but I am holding it so it doesn't move!

I thought it would be fun to do a little comparison. Kennedy is on the left. She is 10 months old here in 2010. Korin on the right at 12 months in 2015.

Saturday morning Kashton wanted to come see us at 8:30 AM (one of the advantages of them living out my back door!)  I am usually up but I didn't have to get up so I hadn't yet. Doyle had come in from work so he was already up. Not long after Kashton arrived, here comes Kennedy. I get up and make us all breakfast. Doyle changed clothes and when he came back in the kitchen I realized that he and Kashton had the same colors on! So of course I took a picture!

The little ones had a good time and got way too much candy! The adults tried to help them out by eating the "good stuff"! LOL!

I caught the last of a colorful sunset. I was not in a good place to get a great picture but it was still pretty!

The second festival we went to had a "train ride". Nothing more than a lawnmower pulling barrels with wheels but the kids loved it!

Have a good one!


  1. What fun! Love the grands costumes! You photos are great and if you'd got the banner in the one photo, you'd have cut off the grandkids in the bottom some. It's still a great photo though.