Thursday, October 1, 2015

Paper Dolls

The last time Remi was here, she used some large girl (6-7 inches tall) stamps that were given to me. She stamped, colored and cut them out. My dear friend Teresa had given these stamps to me and she had many more. I asked if I could borrow them to stamp off more images. My idea was to stamp them on cardstock. Remi could color them or dress them like paper dolls.

These are Julie Nutting stamps. The cowgirl  (Becky) in the middle I purchased the other two Teresa gave me.

I stamped the images then cut them out. I then stamped on scraps of printed paper and cut out the outfits. I never played with paper dolls when I was little. I didn't know what I missed out on. This was so much fun!

This girl doesn't have a name. Aren't these cute? I did not attach the clothes but laid them on the paper dolls to take the pictures. I put them in a baggy with the dolls and Remi will be able to dress the dolls as she wants.

This doll didn't have a name either.

This is a great way to use up paper scraps!

I sure hope Remi enjoys these as much as I enjoyed creating them!

Teresa also had some smaller stamps for making cards. I was thrilled and chose one of the sets to make a card for Remi to mail along with her dolls. This stamp set is called "Lots of Love". This was so fun to make. I used paper scraps from the card to make the dolls clothes and used markers to color her hair and heart on the envelope.

Have a good one!


  1. Oh! Remi is going to love this gift! What a great idea! And seriously? You did not play with paper dolls. It was my favorite thing to play with. Hours and hours. I even cut out "dolls" out of the Sears catalog. My favorite set of real paper dolls were the Lennon Sisters! It's never too late to start "playing" with and loving paper dolls. :)