Thursday, October 22, 2015

Granddad is Famous

At least he is in the grandkids eyes.

Saturday October 3rd Doyle was on duty at the Fire Station. A local business called Hanson Brick has an annual event for their employees and families called "Family Safety Day".  They had out safety awards during this event and also have food and activities for everyone. Doyle's crew was invited out to eat and while there showed the kids their equipment.

He got an extra surprise when he learned that the characters Anna and Elsa from Frozen were there! He got his picture made with them for the grandkids.

Granddad also had a brick made with all the kids names on it. They are ready to be baked.

Here is the finished product.

The first week in October is Fire Prevention week. Doyle was on duty the day (Tuesday October 6th) the Fire Department went to Kashton's school. He was a pretty happy boy!

Well, he's famous to me too! I'm one blessed girl :)