Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Unexpected Vacation

(Warning this is a long post with little to no pictures.)
Thursday, September 10th started out as an ordinary day. I got up. Went to feed, went by the Crazy Bean for my weekly specialty coffee, went to work at the office and later worked at the scrapbook store. New product had come in that day and we priced and put in paper trays.

About an hour before we leave the store I notice a twinge of pain in my lower left quadrant of my abdomen. It was a pain I had experienced before but eventually went away so I ignored it.

Doyle had messaged me that Keannon had some friends coming over to watch football on the patio. They were going to cook on the grill and he needed me to pick up a few things from the store on my way home.

As I walk through the store making my selections the pain has become a dull throb and I realize I really don't feel good. I check out and make my way to feed horses before going home.

At the horses, I feel increasingly worse. By the time I get home all I want to do is lay down.

I never ate with everyone else. (1st clue I'm sick) I didn't feel like it. Kennedy became my "Florence Nightingale". I laid on the couch for a while but I was feeling worse by the minute. I finally told Kennedy I was going to lay down in my bed. She came with me. We read some books and play a game or two on my phone. In a little bit she asked to turn out the light and we went to sleep. (Second clue I'm sick as I rarely go to bed before Doyle.)

I was up 4 or 5 times in the night with my gut hurting.

Friday, September 11th. After a very restless night. I get up and very gingerly get dressed for work. My abdomen is so tender I can't even fasten my pants. It hurt to dress. It hurt to bend over. It hurt to walk. Did I think about NOT going to work? Nope. All I could think about is "I have to get the bulletin done for Sunday."

The bulletin is more than just having a piece of paper for our members and guests. With our modern technology "getting the bulletin done" means also making a slideshow presentation of announcements for the week, uploading to Youtube and emailing the link to members as well as having on the TV in our foyer as people enter the church. I know, I know....they would have survived without it but....

As is my routine, I went by to feed horses on my way to work. The drive there was torturous as there isn't a smooth street in our town so every bump and jar made me grimace!

I make it to the office and think "I'll just get done what I have to and go home." Well, what I had to do took me all morning."

I was already asleep when Doyle came to bed. He knew I didn't feel well and messaged me asking how I was. I told him I felt crappie and had pain. He quizzed me a bit then said "Weekend is coming, might consider talking to Dr. Jones (our family doctor) or Lane (our doctor's nurse, friend from church). I decide to heed my husband's advice and made an appointment for that afternoon.

Dr. Jones makes his assessment and says "based on how tender you are I'm concerned about a possible rupture of either your colon or appendix (which I still have). We don't have anyone in our lab this afternoon so I'm going to send you to the ER for blood work and cat scan. (Now this is how much denial I was in.) I ask him very sincerely, "Do you want me to come back here?" I must say my Dr. did a tremendous job of not changing the expression on his face and replied "No, by the time you are done there we will be closed. Just go get that done and we'll discuss what the next step is".

I have no idea how sick I am. In fact I'm not so sure that my brain wasn't just totally turned off. Dr. Jones offers to have the nurse (Lane) drive me to the hospital which is 2 blocks away but (tough girl or should I say "STUPID" girl) says "I drove 2 miles to get here I think I can make it."

I message Doyle that I'm going to the hospital for blood work and cat scan. I don't tell him that I'm going through the ER because I'm still thinking they'll treat me and send me home!  He asks if I want him to come. I tell him I'm ok (I still don't realize how sick I am!)

I go to the ER and I tell the clerk that the doctor sent me over for bloodwork and cat scan. She questions "He said to come through the ER?" I said "That's what he told me." (I still don't have a clue!)

The nurse takes me back and begins assessment. I answer questions. The next thing I know they start an IV. Now that should have be a sure sign I wasn't going home but in my little brain I was thinking I will get pain meds quicker. Then they'll send me home.

The drug takes affect quickly and I start getting drowsy. Doyle messages me. It's been two hours since he last heard from me, asking if I'm done at the hospital or back at the doctor's office (because I had told him I was just going for lab and scan).

I tell him "they gave me stuff" for pain". (I didn't tell him it was by IV!) "Just finished scan. You'll have to take me home." That was at 4:47.

My next message to him was at 4:52 "giving antibiotics by IV said it would take an hour. (I'm still thinking they are going to send me home!)

Then at 4:57 I send this message "Looks like I'm not coming home. No rupture but severe infection." I was diagnosed with Acute Diverticulitis. I was admitted to the hospital.

On our 28th wedding anniversary.

What a way to celebrate. Of course if they had sent me home I wouldn't have been in any shape to

Friday and Saturday are a blur. Sunday I start feeling better enough I ask to take a shower.  And I took this picture of the beautiful view out my window. Those who visited told me how pretty it was outside and there I was stuck INSIDE!)

The last meal of real food I ate was Thursday at noon. I was on clear liquids until Sunday at dinner time, when they brought me this! I've never been scared of food but I was that day. I would have liked to see the expression on my face when they brought it. I asked "Are you sure I'm supposed to eat this??!!" The only thing I made a stab at eating was the potatoes and carrots. I left everything else.

I was released to go home around noon Monday (Sept 14th).  I didn't work or do anything much for that matter nearly all week. Gracie was helping me rest!

Our church family was so sweet in bringing us dinner each night through Thursday.Doyle took off to be with me and help care for horses. He went back to work on Friday Sept 18th and I made that my goal.

I did go back on Friday but I was slow to get back to my old self. I've had to learn to pace myself and to rest. Unfortunately that is a foreign concept but I'm not too old to learn!

I went back to my family doctor for followup. We had a good laugh rehearsing the previous visit. Of course I am to increase fiber in my diet which I was already doing but I can assure you I will be more diligent! He told me it could happen again or not. There just aren't any guarantees. Just to be aware of the signs which since I have had it I know!

That's enough excitement to last me the rest of my life!

Have a good one!


  1. Scary! Glad you did go to the doctor. I know what you mean. I'm one to just keep doing that one more thing before giving up a being sick! Glad you are better!!